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Brittney-Palmer-naked4About Brittney

An accomplished artist, spokes model, host, and dancer, Brittney Palmer is a modern day

Renaissance Woman. A six-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Brittney’s always
been driven by her passion to immerse herself in art, whether it’s the art of painting, music,
dancing, or jiu jitsu.

As a featured personality for the past four years, this Ultimate Fighting Championship
Octagon Girl is woven into the fabric of the mixed martial arts world. With over 100
million worldwide viewers for each event, Brittney is cage-side, preparing to balance
the beasts with her beauty as she readies everyone for the next round of action.

In a sport with very few female personalities, the thousands of sports and
entertainment media outlets that cover MMA worldwide everyday seek Brittney’s
unique perspective. From her days circling the cage with World Extreme Cagefighting,
Brittney has been at the forefront of a sport that’s exploding in popularity across
the globe. She’s been featured across a plethora of media, having most recently
completed “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil”, with each episode averaging nearly 30 million
viewers in Brazil alone.

A professional model and entertainer since the day she turned 18, Brittney was ready
for the spotlight. Growing up in Las Vegas, it’s impossible not to gravitate toward the
glitz and glamour of the live shows on The Strip. In four short years, she left her mark:
first appearing in Ultimate Variety Show, followed by a featured act in Jubilee, then as a
magician’s assistant to Nathan Burton, culminating as the lead dancer in X Burlesque at
The Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Painting for the majority of her life, Brittney made the commitment to start her art career
by engrossing herself in the epicenter of the art culture: Venice Beach. A self taught artist,
she’s attending art school at UCLA in Los Angeles to take her passion to the next level.
A flower child at heart, the Woodstock era inspires her collection of acrylics on canvas.
Capturing her take on rock and pop cultural icons from the 1960s and ‘70s, her creations
have been a big hit from both critics and collectors.

Featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine in March 2012, Brittney joins an extensive
list of celebrity icons that have graced the cover in its 58 years.

UFC’s Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Q&A

Brittney Palmer What You Need To Know

“Accessories are a turnoff.”

Here at The Dragon Zone, we’re all about helping out our fellow guys. But sometimes advice from one dude to another can only go so far. That’s why we decided to go straight to the source to find out what the world’s hottest women actually expect from us.

We started with Brittney Palmer, the sexy UFC ring girl, talented artist and calendar girl,who is also a candidate for our Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012.

What’s the biggest grooming mistake a guy can make?

Having one of those little flavor saver things under their bottom lip.

You’re both an artist and a ring girl. So what’s sexier — the alpha male or the scruffy beta guy?

That’s my problem. I want a mixture of both, and to find that is probably the most impossible thing. I think it’s more interesting to have somebody who has an artistic mind and who can speak about art with me and go see museums and love all those things. But, at the same time, I’m very strong and I’m very career-driven, so I want someone who’s very alpha male to help push me in a direction if I’m ever slowing down. So, the both — if I could ever find that, I’d be golden.

Who should pay on first date?

I will always offer, but usually it’s the guy who should pay.

Would you care if a guy picked you up in a garbage-strewn beater?

If it was, like, a 1970s Bronco, no. Otherwise, yeah.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Anytime they compliment a personality trait. Those things are the best when I get them. Because all day long you can hear somebody thinks you’re pretty or [compliments] your body, which is really flattering, and I love hearing [it], of course. But I think when people can really reach in and compliment me on my art or who I am as a person, those are the best.

Biggest turn-on in a guy?

A sense of humor.

Biggest turnoff?


What jewelry is acceptable for men to wear?

Sh*t. I was going to say that for the turnoff. Accessories are a turnoff. Maybe a simple chain or necklace. That’s it.

Would you date a guy who makes less than it would take to comfortably support a family?

I would date a guy who would make less, but I would never date somebody who was settling. They have to be the best they could be.

One final piece of advice for men in five words or less?

Be yourself.

How do you feel about being a candidate on our Top 99 list?

It’s funny — I’d gotten a Google alert or someone had told me that. And I looked and I’m standing next to people like Adriana Lima and some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I definitely didn’t think I hold a candle to them, but apparently I do, and it’s awesome. It’s cool. It’s really cool.

Follow the sexy Brittney Palmer on Twitter @brittneypalmer


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UFC Hottie Arianny Celeste In Her Bikini

UFC hottie Arianny Celeste‘s bikini executed a breathtaking submission hold earlier today at a pool in Miami – squeezing her boobs so tight … the lovely ladies nearly came loose.

She’s got all the right moves.

Jessa Hinton Gets Naked


Follow Afflictions own Jessa Hinton on Twitter. We are… Have you seen these photos and videos of her? Argubly, one of the hottest women on the planet. What Do you think?

jessa hinton

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AMBITIONS: To be a household name — a global brand — with my own TV shows and fashion lines.
TURN-ONS: Toned stomachs and firm butts on men and women. Yes, I am bisexual.
TURNOFFS: Bad breath and a bad attitude. You can be cocky, boys, but have something to back it up with and brag about!
BRING IT ON: Bungee jumping, four-wheeling, sky diving, race car driving, surfing — anything to do with an adrenaline rush, I’m the first one in.
SEX APPEAL: I love curves!!! Nice boobs and voluptuous hips.
MY DREAM TOY: A pink 1967 Corvette with white interior and pink lining.

NAME: Jessa Hinton
BUST: 34″ D
HIPS: 34
HEIGHT: 5′ 8″
WEIGHT: 116 lbs

“I will own my own clothing line, host a major television program and publish my autobiography.”
– Miss July 2011 Jessa Hinton

Affliction Model Search with Playboy’s Miss July Jessa Hinton

Official Model Search and Calendar Shoot 2012

Affliction clothing and “Playboys Miss July” Jessa Hinton will be searching for top models to be featured in the Affliction 2012 calendar.

Top Model Grand Prize

• 4 month feature pictorial in the Affliction Jessa Hinton 2012 calendar (distribution throughout US)
• Full page advertising in revolver magazine
• Inclusion in Affliction’s lookbooks and catalog (100,000 + printed/shipped to all major retail buyers)
• Millions of still and video impressions through, youtube, and socialnetworks (averaging over 7 million page views)
• $1,000 Payment for photo day (hair and makeup included)
• $1,000 Apparel allowance
• 2 Week (hotel and travel included) calendar tour signing with jessa Hinton for Affliction retail stores (Miami, Las Vegas, L.A., New Jersey) and Millitary bases across the globe (locations TBD)


HAPPY 4TH from UFC Ring Girl Rachelle Leah

HAPPY 4th - Rachelle Leah