Fedor signs with STRIKEFORCE! M1 Global gives UFC the finger!!

Huge MMA News today as Fedor Emelianenko signs w/ STRIKEFORCE!

This is a big turn of events as there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the collapse of the Affliction Trilogy Event. One question that was wide open was that of where Fedor would be fighting next. It’s well known that Fedor’s management team M1 Global has clashed in past negotiations with Dana White and the UFC.

After another lackluster offer from the UFC, M1 has made another clear statement by giving the UFC the ultimate bird and signing a contact for Fedor with STRIKEFORCE.

More info after the jump:

With Affiliation currently and indefinitely out of the game, Scott Coker and STRIKEFORCE have just taken a big step up by securing a contract with the most sought after fighter in the world.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with M-1 Global and Fedor,” said STRIKEFORCE Founder and CEO Scott Coker, a martial arts fight promoter of over 25 years. “Fedor has been the reigning king of MMA’s heavyweight division for quite some time now so being able to work with M-1 and Fedor will substantially increase the level of competition amongst the athletes in this weight class.”



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