Why Forrest Ran – Griffin Camp Reveal Dislocated Jaw – Sorces Now Say Forrest Is Not Injuired

The mystery of Forrest Griffin’s jog from the Octagon in Philadelphia immediately after being knocked out spectacularly by Anderson Silva at UFC 101 was clarified Sunday when the American’s camp revealed he had suffered a dislocated jaw after being struck by the supremely-gifted Brazilian.

Griffin was roundly criticised in the hours following the fight, and for failing to show at the post-event news conference, but Griffin had been taken to the hospital for checks, unable to hear in one ear, and in order to get his jaw checked.

The demolition of Griffin was staggering in both its simplicity, and enactment. Silva, the 185lb UFC champion, fighting Griffin at light-heavyweight, measured the American up for the first minute of the fight, and he now does with all his rivals.

Silva circled his prey and was hardly touched by Griffin during the three and a half minutes the contest lasted in the opening round of a fight scheduled for three periods.Silva had landed first with a right hook in the second minute, then an upper cut, two straight left hands down the pipe, and had Griffin on the ground.Clean, accurate strikes. Griffin threw and struck, but landed with little. After some ineffective ground and pound, Silva called Griffin to his feet.Griffin fought back, but was clearly dazed and confused. Silva, his hands hung low, called Griffin in for a toe-to-toe war, and ended the contest with a countering left jab/left cross which put Griffin on his back, clearly hurt, and finished. Immediately afterwards, Griffin jogged from the arena with his management team.


MMAWeekly.com now says they have comments to back up the fact that Forrest Griffin is in fact NOT injured.

Following a devastating knockout loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 101 on Saturday night, former 205-pound champion Forrest Griffin wasted no time getting up from the mat and quickly exiting the Octagon. 

At the post fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said he hadn’t seen or heard from Griffin after the fight and he could be “back in Georgia” at that point. 

“He’s an emotional guy,” commented White. “He came into this fight confident that he was going to beat Anderson Silva.”

Reports surfaced on Sunday that Griffin had suffered a jaw injury and that was the reason for his hasty exit, but MMAWeekly.com was able to confirm with sources close to the fighter’s camp that he is physically fine following the Saturday night fight.

Griffin suffered no broken jaw and he is physically okay.

Griffin, who is ranked as a top five light heavyweight, faced Silva Saturday night in the co-main event, and struggled with the Brazilian’s speed and unbelievable accuracy during the bout. 

After two knockdowns early in the round, Griffin was caught with a quick straight right hand that put him down on the canvas for the final time as he waived to the referee to stop the fight. 

We will not know for sure until UFC posts their reports of injuries. If Forrest has no injurys, what made him run out of the ring?

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  1. This article was posted by mmafrenzy.com

    Rumors circulated on Sunday that Forrest Griffin’s run from the Octagon following his first-round knockout loss to Anderson Silva on Saturday at UFC 101 was due to a broken or dislocated jaw. However, according to Joe Ferraro of Sportsnet’s “MMA Connected”, Griffin’s jaw is “fine”:

    Source has confirmed that the reports that Forrest has a broken jaw and was the reason he ran out of the octagon are false. His jaw is fine.

    At the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said he hadn’t seen Griffin following the knockout and had no idea where he’d gone or why he left, though White added that he believed Griffin simply bolted from the Octagon as a result of his being an emotional fighter.

    What injuries Griffin suffered in the defeat, if any, are not yet known as the card’s medical suspensions have yet to be released, but should be available in the coming days.

    “The Dragon Zone will be sticking with our story until we learn further”

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