Fedor Emilianenko The Best Fighter To Have Ever Lived?

It is a question which we are all looking to answer. I don’t think the public will get an answer until Fedor gets to the UFC, mainstream,and in the public eye. I believe he will be a force to be recon with and he will completly turn the UFC heavyweight division on its head  (literally.) Take a look at some of his highlights, and read about what some of the current UFC and Pride fighters have to say about Mr. Emilianenko. 

“Probably the best ever lived….he’s a living legend right now and I don’t think there’s a man on this planet who can beat him; the man is unreal, pound for pound the best in the world.”

-Diego Sanchez

“Fedor is just too dominant…. The way he punches people man he’s trying to kill people, with both hands. He’s in a whole different class by himself.”

-Brandon Vera 


Fedor has no weakness! I have seen so many fights, and even the best fighters in the world have a flaw in their game but I have yet to find one in Fedor.”

-Bas Rutten


“I think that guy is the baddest motherfucker on the planet, that guy’s a savage. He’s one of those rare heavyweights that’s dangerous in all positions.”

-Joe Rogan (not a fighter of course, but the man knows his stuff)


“NOBODY wants to fight Fedor.”

-Wanderlei Silva

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