West Side Pussys

Wow, the morons in this video are not only pussys, but they put it up on the internet and document it to the world!

I came across this random video today on Meta Cafe and felt compelled to comment. Then I got to thinking… hey lets put these homos on our site and help them spread the news around the world.

What kind of total fag runs in on a fight and hits someone from behind?


Pussy #1 (w/ the black hat backwards) to be clear:

  1. You are a pussy
  2. You are equally a douche
  3. Obviously you can’t fight & you know your friend can’t fight either

Someone should beat the white stripe off your jumpsuit and choke you out.

Pussy #2 follows the strategy of throwing a punch when his opponent is:

  1. Not looking
  2. Getting jumped by his gay ass friends
  3. or, about to be hit by a car

WOW you are a bad ass. Let’s get you a contract with the UFC pronto.

Oh, nevermind… you’re a fat pussy and your outfit confirms that you walk around like a fag. Let’s get you guys a part in west side story instead.

It is sad to think that people behave this way and don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves like a decent person. Show some respect for your self and others. If it takes you and your friends to beat someone up, know this…

You are 125%  a bitch and as un-tough as it gets!

It’s a shame, and it pains us to do so, but we’ll go on douche patrol and help spread the word that your balls have yet to drop.

Ladies, if you are involved with one of these scrotes… it’s time for a major upgrade in your life!!

If you are one of these scrotes… it’s time for a major upgrade in your life!!

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  1. I’m really not sure you could consider that a fight. My 3 year old hits harder. Seriously!

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