Paul Daley Cut From the UFC by Dana White (Video)

Paul “Semtex” Daley has been cut from the UFC, after sending a well-deserved left hook towards Josh Koshcheck’s face moments after the final bell. After the Strikeforce brawl, Dana White is obviously spinning this by making Daley an “example”.

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Should Daley have thrown that punch?
No BUT, it’s not a big deal.

  • This is a fighting sport
  • If you watch the replay, the big hook barely clipped Koscheck
  • Koscheck faked getting an illegal knee to the head in the first round. It’s not sportsmanlike. It interrupts the fight
  • Koscheck avoided Daley’s hands at all costs during the fight, despite the smack talking

“Daley is cut. He is gone as of now. What the fuck was he thinking in there ? Was he out of his mind ? I said to him, you’re a good fighter, why would you do something like that ? He told me he didn’t hear the bell. He had all the potential to go on and be one of the great fighters in this division. ”

“He will not fight in the UFC again. He’s done. If he does fight again in the UFC it will not be for another 100 years. As an organisation we are very down to earth, people make mistakes, bad things  happen, but don’t ever, ever deliberately hit a guy after the bell. Yes, he was frustrated…but this is a sport not a streetfight, and they are athletes, not thugs, and we have to send a clear message.”

- Dana White, UFC President

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