Rampage & Rashad Talking Trash for UFC 114

UFC President Dana White said this is the most heated rivalry in the organization’s history. “These guys don’t like each other. It doesn’t get any more real than this,” White said during the UFC 114 pre-fight conference call. “When you get two of the best in the world fighting each other, it’s fun anyway. But when they don’t like each other this much, it makes it a lot more fun.”

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During the conference call, reporters could barely get a word in edgeways because Rampage and Rashad continued their verbal warfare, which stems from their stints as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 10. The exchange over the phone gingerly toed the line between typical pre-fight hype and a deep-seated disdain for one another. This was not for show. This was not an act. These two men look forward to knocking the other unconscious.

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