Former UFC Ring Girl Edith Labelle Photo Shoot Video (Hot)

Latley we have noticed a spike in traffic and it seems that former UFC ring girl Edith Labelle is the cause of it. Edith seems to have a lot of fans out there and would love to see her come back to the UFC. may have a little something to do with her smokin’ hot body. Ya Think.

What do you guys think? Do we want her back?

Enjoy some videos of Edith Labelle’s bikini clad photo shoot!

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  1. C-G N-t

    I fully agree! I miss her very much on UFC, in fact every time I watch it which is as often as possible! I do wish that she came back! I also think that the UFC management did not fully understand what an asset she was until they had kicked her out. She was valuable enough to be given a second chance! So if it is at all possible for them to rethink I think they should!

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