Cain Velasquez Punching Power = 2230 Lbs of Force (VIDEO)

ESPN does a great series called Sport Science where they measure the power and force generated by some of the world’s top athletes. Randy Couture, Bas Rutten and Gina Carano have all been featured on the show. This segment about Cain Velazquez was done just before UFC 121. Cain is off the charts!

Cain’s heart rates maxes out at 168 bpm, and his left hook delivers with 2230 pounds of force!! That’s incredible, AND way higher than anyone they’ve ever tested, including Heavyweight boxing champ James Toney who hits like a ton of bricks himself.

I’ve read some speculation around that Brock Lesnar can’t take a punch. The reality is that Cain Velazquez hits like a brick house!

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