Dana White Wants Fighters to Tweet

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been holding its “UFC Summit” in Las Vegas in week and the school like setting has brought out the good ole days in the fighters on hand. From arriving to class late, sleeping during a lecture or playing practical jokes, the UFC Summit had it all.

It wasn’t all fun and games though as in between the in class swabbles and wet willy’s there was work to be done. Aside from the fighter insurance (which is a great idea) Dana White told the fighters under the ZUFFA umbrella too “Tweet your asses off”.

The UFC’s announced a twitter incentive program where fighters are encouraged to join twitter and get as many followers are they can. Here is how the program works:

Fighters will be split into four categories, based on their current number of Twitter followers. At the end of each quarter, three fighters from each category will be awarded a $5k bonus. The three winners will be picked from who has gained the most followers, who gained the highest percentage of new followers and who wrote the most creative tweets (judged by Dana White).

Getting paid to tweet, not a bad deal at all. Where can we sign up at?

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