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AMBITIONS: To be a household name — a global brand — with my own TV shows and fashion lines.
TURN-ONS: Toned stomachs and firm butts on men and women. Yes, I am bisexual.
TURNOFFS: Bad breath and a bad attitude. You can be cocky, boys, but have something to back it up with and brag about!
BRING IT ON: Bungee jumping, four-wheeling, sky diving, race car driving, surfing — anything to do with an adrenaline rush, I’m the first one in.
SEX APPEAL: I love curves!!! Nice boobs and voluptuous hips.
MY DREAM TOY: A pink 1967 Corvette with white interior and pink lining.

NAME: Jessa Hinton
BUST: 34″ D
HIPS: 34
HEIGHT: 5′ 8″
WEIGHT: 116 lbs

“I will own my own clothing line, host a major television program and publish my autobiography.”
– Miss July 2011 Jessa Hinton

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