Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – UFC 143 – FULL FIGHT (HD VIDEO)

Here it is! The main event scrap at UFC 143 that led to a controversial decision and Nick Diaz’s post fight decision to announce a retirement from the UFC.

#BOOM - Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit at UFC 143

#BOOM - Nick Diaz takes a big right hand from Carlos Condit at UFC 143

Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – UFC 143 – FULL FIGHT (HD VIDEO)

There have been a lot of complaints about Carlos Condit’s unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 143′s interim welterweight title fight on Saturday. Most notably, Nick Diaz vowed to retire from MMA after the decision was read. Diaz, and many fans, were frustrated with Condit’s counter-strike and circle away strategy, but Diaz had no answer for it inside the cage.

UFC president Dana White expressed his hope for a rematch between the two fighters as the best solution:

“I know (Georges. St. Pierre) wanted that Diaz fight bad, but it’s not going to be Diaz so he better get angry with Carlos Condit or focus on Carlos Condit or whatever he needs to do. Carlos Condit won this fight. No matter how much Georges and Nick hate each other, Carlos Condit won, and I think the fans are mad at the way Carlos Condit fought. Too f*cking bad. He came in with a game plan and stuck to it and won. You know what’s funny man, is that when he said that, I was thinking the same thing. It’s crazy, but. I was thinking it after the fight. You know, people are bitching and thinking it was close or whatever, we can do that fight again before GSP comes back. It depends on Carlos too, he’s really gotta say, and Nick’s gotta say I want to fight him again too.”

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