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Don’t blink, Cheick Kongo Vs Pat Barry will be one of the sickest fight you will see this year and will be on the highlight reel for years. Watch the fight right here at The Dragon Zone.


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UFC on FOX 5: Henderson vs. Diaz highlights (VIDEO)

UFC champ Jones facing possible nerve damage to bicep

by Steven Marrocco and Matt Erickson on Sep 23, 2012 at 3:20 am ET
TORONTO – The armbar that popped Jon Jones’ elbow did damage that undoubtedly will sideline the champ for the near future.

Jones (17-1 MMA, 11-1 UFC), who fought through the hold to cinch a submission over Vitor Belfort (21-10 MMA, 10-6 UFC) in the fourth round of UFC 152′s main event, said doctors believe he may have nerve damage to his right bicep.

Jones was bound for a local hospital following the post-event news conference to get an X-ray on the injury.

UFC 152 took place Saturday at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The event’s main card, including the light heavyweight title fight, aired on pay-per-view following prelims on FX and Facebook.

News of another injury to a top UFC star was not music to UFC President Dana White’s ears.

“Another fighter injured,” he quipped. “That’s crazy.”

White, however, gushed at Jones’ performance.

“There’s no doubt that this was his best performance,” he said. “He looked phenomenal tonight.

“There was a lot of questions about Jon Jones that people kept asking over and over again, no matter who he fought. No matter how good he fought. Could he take a punch? He got hit with some big punches tonight from a real puncher, and he took them. He was injured. He had the heart to keep going, and he had a great fight tonight. There can be no more naysaying about Jon Jones. You love him or you hate him … but you can’t deny that the kid is extremely talented and one of the best in the world.”

Almost half of the press conference had passed when Jones stepped onto the podium sporting a sling. Immediately after the fight, he admitted the submission hold was solid and said he heard his arm pop when Belfort applied it early in the first round – though he vowed not to tap. Speaking before reporters, however, he said he had mentally prepared himself to lose.

“In there, I felt as if there was a point where I don’t think physically he could have extended it even more,” Jones said. “I mean, it was popping, and I felt after 25 years that I’ve never felt that feeling before. I just came to terms with what was going to happen, just thinking, ‘Man, I can’t believe I’m getting ready to lose this way.’

“I remember the first time I punched with it. I just felt like it had no power on it. I was like, ‘That felt funny.’”

Belfort, a former light heavyweight champ who stepped up from middleweight to 205 pounds for the title fight, surprised both Jones and the crowd with the submission attempt, which was fully extended before the champ freed himself.

“I had my opportunity,” he said. “I think when I heard (Jones’ arm) pop, I kind of lost the pressure, and he got away. It is what it is. I thought I really had that arm, but he fought through it. He did great.”

Although White previously indicated that a fight between Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida may serve as a runoff for Jones’ next opponent, he declined to speculate on the immediate title picture.

Renzo Gracie Kicks Ass As Muggers Attempt To Attack Him In NYC

This has to be one of the best stories we have heard in a while. And it makes it even better that it is TDZ good friend Renzo Gracie. This story came out of the New York Post Yesterday.

Renzo Gracie, social media Batman.
The legendary MMA trainer and fighter beat up two would-be muggers not far from his Manhattan gym on Thursday night – and tweeted about it in real time.
Gracie, who has trained the likes of UFC stars Georges St. Pierre and Frankie Edgar and competed in the UFC himself, was approached by two men near West 25th Street and 10th Avenue. The men asked him if he had a cigarette and when he said no, one of them pounced.
“I told him I don’t smoke,” Gracie told “He grabbed me by the arm and reached into my front pocket where my wallet was.”
The other man came from the other side, but the encounter didn’t last much longer.
“As the first one arrived, I hit him with a left and a right and he fell,” Gracie said. “When he fell, the other one took off running.”
Gracie, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master, said he “had a good talk” with the grounded man and “hit him a couple more times.” He also had the time to snap a picture of the man facedown with his iPhone and post it to Twitter with the caption, “My fuckin hands hurt, hurt like hell.” Would-be mugger after being beaten up by Gracie.

The New Jersey resident, who is not a hulking man (5-foot-10, 171 pounds), wasn’t done there, though. Gracie, who had been walking to his car, raced to the vehicle in pursuit of the other thug. When he found him a few blocks away heading back toward his accomplice, Gracie jumped out of his car, ran at him from behind, jumped on his back and choked the man out. He said he hit the man in both eyes so he looks like “a raccoon.”
“I think it’s better than just arresting them,” Gracie said of his own brand of punishment. “It’s a good education process.”
Gracie was tweeting throughout the process, describing the men following him a few blocks and then the aftermath. He tweeted a picture of his scratched up and bruised hand afterward. Gracie’s cut up hands after beating up two would-be muggers.

“Next time I will use only the elbows, damn I miss that feeling, sometimes I wonder if the easy life has been making me soft,” Gracie wrote. “All those years in Brazil, without knowing if I would make it home had to count for something, I can’t lie I could have jump [sic] in a cab. But I could not help [sic], I could spot them from a mile away, walking was my option, thank you mayor Giuliani, nobody carries a gun in our beautiful state, my lucky day, their bad day. My hand hurts and @FrankieEdgar is here at 9:30am for some training.”
Memo to muggers in New York City: Be very aware of who you’re about to steal from.
“They found the best moment that they have attacked and they did,” Gracie said. “If it was someone who didn’t know how to find, they would be a victim for sure.”

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