Chael Sonnen is Talking Trash to Everyone (Video)

After UFC 132, the new king-of-the-trash-talk, Chael Sonnen is talking smack about everyone. Dissing PRIDE champs like Mirko “Cro Cop,” Wanderlei Silva and “Kid” Yamamoto, sharing his ideas that Fedor sucks, and calling Lyoto Machida a bum that trains in a bathrobe.

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There’s a man you may have heard of called Randy Couture, and Machida took one of his teeth. And for that I’m going to take three of his. But, I’m not only willing to take on Machida just because of Randy, it’s also that easy fight thing. I’m trying to ease my way back into the pool so I’m calling out bums.“bum”-lyoto-machida-is-an-“easy-fight”/

ESPN reports that Machida will fight Sonnen after ‘bathrobe’ remarks.

A lot of interesting follow up comments here on MMA MANIA.

Jon Jones Would Love A Fight With Fedor Emelianenko

“Oooh, Fedor that would be the fight that interests me the most, I admire Fedor a lot, and that would be a great gauge to see where I’m at in my career. As far as fighting Dan Henderson, I would love that fight, as well. I’m not trying to call them out but I would be honored to fight either one of them.”

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tells USA today that his dream match-up is against none other than M-1 heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. While the two basically reside under the same ZUFFA umbrella, this would be the definition of “Dream” match up as the two will very likely not ever square up inside a cage. However, should Dan Henderson be able to hold onto the Strikeforce belt and Jones the UFC the likely hood of a merger down the road between the Strikeforce and UFC Champs could come to fruition one day.

Champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to Face Winner of Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar

MMA legend and the only man to hold the Heavyweight Championship belt in both PRIDE and the UFC, is likely to be the next in line for the current title after Shane Carwin faces Brock Lesnar at UFC 116.

Inside Fights has confirmed a Wrestling Observer Newsletter report that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will face the winner of the Brock Lesnar/Shane Carwin fight.

Big Nog, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has impressively defeated Randy Couture, and requested a rematch w/ Frank Mir, BUT it is shaping up that he’s the top contender for the belt after this upcoming heavyweight title fight.

Nogueira is one of few fighters to take Fedor all rounds (including a 10 minute first round) to a decision. The Dragon Zone will soon be posting that classic battle.

Stay Tuned!

Mirko Cro Cop is ending his MMA Career

Rumor has it that legendary Croatian fighter Mirko Cro Cop is ending his mixed martial arts career following his most recent loss last weekend.

According to a number of Croatian MMA news sites, Cro Cop’s manager, Zvonimir Lucic spoke to his training partners, Igor Pokrajcom and Sasa Mučnjak, this week to inform them that the camp will be disbanded based on the heavyweight’s decision not to fight again. They were given their final payoff.

Mirko Cro Cop Filipović – Video Highlights
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Brock Lesnar Makes Me Sick!

I want to let all of you know that I have been following MMA for over 15 years, I fully understand and have the utmost respect for the sport.

I’m still jacked up after brock lesnars (cough,cough) win over Frank Mir.


First, I just have to say the display after this fight was an utter disgrace. This is not WWE, these are “real” professional fighters. Brock lesnar is making a joke out of a sport that I have grown to love. I love it because of the respect and determination, and skill of the fighters who represent the sport.

The way Lesnar came up this quickly and remains a champ turns my stomach. Not one of Lesnar’s fights have shown any technique.  He is simply the Champ because of his sheer overwhelming size, and something about that justs urks me to no end. His attitude, in a word “Blows.” It seems like this is all a follow up act to his WWE career. Do me a favor Brock if you want to act,  move to Hollywood. Don’t make a joke out of a pure sport you big chooch, have a little respect for the people that worked and dedicated their lives to this.

Until you show me that you have real talent, other than being a gorilla then I have no respect for you as a fighter.

This is how the face of the UFC should act?

This is how the face of the UFC should act?

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