Brock Lesnar Makes Me Sick!

I want to let all of you know that I have been following MMA for over 15 years, I fully understand and have the utmost respect for the sport.

I’m still jacked up after brock lesnars (cough,cough) win over Frank Mir.


First, I just have to say the display after this fight was an utter disgrace. This is not WWE, these are “real” professional fighters. Brock lesnar is making a joke out of a sport that I have grown to love. I love it because of the respect and determination, and skill of the fighters who represent the sport.

The way Lesnar came up this quickly and remains a champ turns my stomach. Not one of Lesnar’s fights have shown any technique.  He is simply the Champ because of his sheer overwhelming size, and something about that justs urks me to no end. His attitude, in a word “Blows.” It seems like this is all a follow up act to his WWE career. Do me a favor Brock if you want to act,  move to Hollywood. Don’t make a joke out of a pure sport you big chooch, have a little respect for the people that worked and dedicated their lives to this.

Until you show me that you have real talent, other than being a gorilla then I have no respect for you as a fighter.

This is how the face of the UFC should act?

This is how the face of the UFC should act?

UFC Lyoto Machida Drinks His Own Urine?

ESPN Radio1100 chatted up Machida on his odd habit of drinking urine. Machida and his manager Ed Soares explained this it’s a widely accepted practice in Japan. I’m not sold on that one. Anyone else think that this is strange? WTF?

YouTube Preview Image

Learn More About Urine Therapy (If your that interested)

UFC 102 – Official Results, Fight, Knockout and Submission of the Night

The Official Results from UFC 102

UFC 102 was action packed with some of the sports most decorated and upcoming fighters, in prime shape, delivering beyond all expectations. Here are the official results.

You can watch all of the full, high quality fights now. Thanks to our friends @ MMA Core.

  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeated Randy Couture by Unanimous Decision
  • Thiago Silva defeated Keith Jardine by KO at 1:35 of Round 1
  • Jake Rosholt defeated Chris Leben by Submission (Arm-Triangle) at 1:30 of Round 3
  • Nate Marquardt defeated Deminan Maia by KO at 0:21 of Round 1
  • Brandon Vera defeated Krzysztof Soszynski by Unanimous Decision
  • Aaron Simpson defeated Ed Herman by TKO at 0:17 of Round 2
  • Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Chris Tuchscherer by TKO at 4:27 of Round 1
  • Mike Russow defeated Justin McCully by Unanimous Decision
  • Todd Duffee defeated Tim Hague by KO (Punches) at 0:07 Seconds of Round 1
  • Mark Munoz defeated Nick Catone by Split Decision
  • Evan Dunham defeated Marcus Aurelio by Split Decision

The Official $60,000 UFC Bonuses

Here are your official fight bonus winners from UFC 102.

  • Fight of the Night
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Randy “The Natural” Couture win Fight of the Night for their stellar 3 round performance. Candidate for fight of the year!
  • Knockout of the Night
    Nate Marquardt with a commanding knockout in 21 seconds of the first round
  • Submission of the Night
    Jake Rosholt with an arm triangle that put Chris Leben to sleep

More commentary here:

Bas Rutten Interviews Fedor Emelianenko, "You Won't See Me Fighting In The UFC"

Bas Rutten asks Fedor some of the questions that you have been waiting to hear the answer to.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch UFC 102 Live

You can watch all of the full, high quality fights now.

Congratulations to all of the fighters for their outstanding performances at this event, UFC 102

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